A visitor

Hyogo Prefecture polisher Haruyosi Yonekura came to the factory.
He is familiar with swords and traditional culture.
He came to Yamaguchi prefecture by accident.
Thank you for coming.
It was a very fun time.
Czech Sword Smith Mr.Pavel Bolf came to the factory.
Mr.Pavel is the best Sword Smith in Czech.
He making a very wondarful work.
A mechanic and a manager came together.
It was a very fun time.

First solo exhibition

Organization UCD Consulting Co., Ltd.
date and time 2018/8/18~2018/8/19
venue 〒747-0036 1-1-28 evisucyou houhushi yamaguchiken
Aspirante 2F
entrance fee Free
Others The swordsmith born in Sweden Yasha Yukawa