Yasha Yukawa
Yashamaro Kagami
Born in Sweden
Became a pupil of Ichiro Matuba in Miyazaki.
Moved to a swordfactory in Yamaguchi.
(Former YoshiakiSugita swordfactory)
Pass the Swordsmith exam. Become a Swordsmith.
Held a solo exhibition in Yamaguchiken Hohushi.


—— Why did you become a swordsmith.

I majored in art in my school days.I suddenly saw my dream of becoming a swordsmith.I decided to become a swordsmith by being drawn to the charm of sword.

—— Were you hard when you were a pupil?

Yes. It was very hard The pupil of the swordsumith.At that time it was no compensation.But My master taught me carefully from greeting to cleaning.So I am grateful to the master.

—— Are there any goals?

I think that I want to make a beautiful work every time.

—— Why did you move to Yamaguchi?

Mr. Sugita of the swordsmith lived in the past. My Master and he was a friend.One day My Master told me to be independent as the place was empty.And I decided to move.

—— What are the characteristics of your Sword.

I am using the nail of 200 years ago that was used in SUOUKOKUBUNJI.My works is fusing the time of 200 years.And the heart of those who got it gets pure.

—— Does a nail of 200 years ago become a sword?

Yes.I will make swords by fusing the time of 200 years with the TAMAHAGANE.So when I use the nail 200 years ago it gets very nervous.

—— How long does it take to make a sword?

It will take about 1 month.Then I will ask the various experts to do the work.So it takes about 3 months in all.

—— Do you have any orders other than swords?

Yes.There are also short items such as WAKIZASHI and TANTOU.Recently there are orders from a professional cook of the kitchen knife.

—— What is the charm of making a sword.

It is that My mind dwells on the sword.And it is that can face myself.

—— Thank you.